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When will my order ship?

Turn around time for monogramming orders is up to 2 weeks! We will try to finish your order much sooner than that, but this allows wiggle room if the item needs to be ordered! Thank you for your patience! If you have ANY questions, feel free to                  

 If you need your item sooner than this, please contact us with details and we will see what we can do!


Where can I view the font options when ordering?

Under "Shop Now" there are four different buttons that show the different options for font, thread color and fabric choices. Just click one of those buttons that fits your need and it will take you to a new screen with all of our choices on there for you to see! When you find one you like just choose it under the fonts section when buying a product! If you cannot find it there, click the button below to access the different fonts!




I received my order and it is wrong. What do I do?

Don't fret! Email us at with your order number, a picture, and a description of what is wrong with the item. If we have made a mistake, we would be more than happy to replace your item free of charge! However, if the mistake was made because you typed your initials in incorrectly, chose the wrong size, wrong color, etc. then we will not replace the item free of charge. But we would be more than happy to offer a 15% discount for the replacement of the item!


Do you do local pick up?

Yes! Our business is a home based business located in Goshen, KY. If you happen to be in the area when your order is ready or live near here, choose pickup at store checkout and we will make sure not to ship your item to you! We can also monogram any item that you find at another site for you if you drop them off here! Just let us know! 


How do I enter my initials in on the order form?

       For women, you enter your initials in First, LAST, Middle when checking out. For example, a women named Grace Mary Smith would enter her initials in as GSM and her monogram would have the "S" of her initials larger than the rest. 


          For men, you enter your initials in First, MIDDLE, Last when checking out. For example, Billy Joe Harold would enter his initials in as BJH and his initials would all be the same height.



         For a married couple, the initials would be the women's first name initial, the man's LAST name initial, and the man's first name initial. For example, for Lilly and Bob Smith their monogram would be LSB (Lilly SMITH Bob). And the "S" of the monogram would be taller than the other letters.




        These are just the monogram rules most people go by but if you want to change things up that is perfectly okay! If you want any other monogram or have any other special requests please let us know in the "Special Instructions" section of the checkout and we would be happy to make it for you! 


How is shipping calculated?

Our shipping is based off a flat rate that is dependent on the subtotal of your purchase. We do it this way so that you know upfront what you will be charged for shipping so there are no suprises! The shipping fees are listed below:


                                Subtotal                    Shipping Fee

    $0.01-$9.99                        $4.95    

$10-$24.99                          $5.95

$25-$39.99                         $6.95

$40-$54.99                         $7.95

$55-$69.99                         $8.95

$70-$84.99                          $9.95

$85-$99.99                         $10.95

                            Over $100                 FREE SHIPPING

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